Eric Konheim July 8, 1963 - June 12, 1991

ericWelcomeWelcome to the many friends who loved and were loved by Eric Konheim.  When the twentieth anniversary of Eric's death approached I thought it deserved some kind of recognition of the effect he had on so many of us and continues to have. I called his two dearest friends Tania Aebi and Robert Norris to see if they agreed or do we just move on with our lives. Tania said I am moving on and I am taking Eric with me. Rob said I would never be moving on if it weren't for Eric.  As I began to search for people with the 20-year-old addresses so many of them said they thought about him all the time. Why would a twenty-seven-year old evoke such a response?

It was clear that a physical gathering would be impossible. A conference call seemed the best solution, but we are getting even more. An Eric Konheim website will be in place to store and provide access to photos, letter, and drawings that reflect the many facets of his life.

The process of building the website became an opportunity to make more information accessible. However, it means the site is very much "under construction". What we have has many holes that you can help us fill with your own contributions.

Eric and his Mom Carolyn, Nantucket 1982